Culture and Travel

My travel bug has been itching ever since my Mom and Dad would take me on vacations to Montana or Disney World, but as a child i was never focused on learning about other cultures as much as I am now. I have visited only a handful of countries and continents around the world and my urge to explore many more diverse landscapes and cultures has taken over these past couple of months. Looking at all the exchange students coming in has really sparked my interest in travelling to those places to study abroad and learn all the information I can from that culture. From when I went to Hawaii this was a magical experience and I was able to learn about all the Polynesian customs and traditions and got to try out many of there different style dishes and historical landmarks that are significant to that culture. I would highly recommend anyone go to any island of Hawaii and you will be mesmerized by the beauty and culture it has. I have always wanted to visit the country of France because of the fact I have taken many french classes before and learned a lot about the different landscapes in France from the Alp,s to Paris, to the gardens of Versailles. Which this much diversity in the landscape fuels my adventurous side and then having those placed be embedded with strong sub cultural french groups that have many different dialects and traditions because of how each section of France chooses to live. Many Americans and many french have very biased view on each other because we dont understand or take the time to learn about the cultural customs when visiting a new country and the French people very highly praise an individual when they take the time to learn how to act and behave as a normal french citizen would. Lastly, I would love to visit Thailand and everything it has to offer. From the amazing food and breath taking landscapes to the humble and caring people that inhabit Thailand. A fun fact is that most people you meet from this area are so very nice, they offer you a place to stay if you were to come visit their country and we as Americans may see this as odd, this is a cultural example of their interconnection between friends and family as the line runs thin in this culture.I cant get over due to how bizarre and pristine the landscapes look( only in some parts) from when I watched a travel documentary on this place. When you first think of Thailand many people immediately think of Bangkok and how dirty and crowded it can be, but people don’t open up there perspective to see the vast richness of culture Thailand has to offer and not just based on the bias of one city. Having the ability to travel in itself is a blessing I dont take for granted and to be able to one day visit another continent with whole different culture and background of people will be something I will carry with me for the rest of my life in hopes those experiences will make me the person I want to become.